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Home and Pesonal Security

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Lyla J's Self Defense & Surveillance Products (25 Feb 2010) offer a full line of self-defense as well as camera and surveillance equipment such as stun guns, tasers, stun batons, pepper sprays, child safety products, personal alarms, animal repellents, hidden cams, diversion safes, home protection and a whole lot more.

Houston Security Systems - Protecting your Home for the Holidays (10 Dec 2008)
The holidays are a time for sharing warm memories with family and friends, celebrating another year together. It should be a happy time for all, a time of giving and receiving gifts both tangible and intangible.

Garmin Hand Help GPS (15 Jun 2008)
If you are looking for a wonderful GPS system then run on out and get a Garmin Magellan Triton. This is the best value for the money in the world.

Managing Director and Founder of Amalfi Consulting (30 May 2008)
This article will discuss initial plan design and documentation, as well as how to diagnose and solve problems that may have evolved with a once-effective incentive plan.

Self Defense Tips to Prevent Violent Attacks Today (04 Apr 2008)
Self Defense Tips to Prevent Violent Attacks Today

3 Techniques to Be Your Own Self Defense Watchdog (04 Apr 2008)
3 Techniques to Be Your Own Self Defense Watchdog

A Stunning Solution to Self-Defense? (21 Feb 2008)
A Stunning Solution to Self-Defense?

"Hot" Tips To Use Pepper Spray For Personal Protection (12 Jan 2008)
In this article I describe what Pepper Spray is, how it is formulated and what it does to an attacker when used properly. I indicate how to become prepared and also what to do in the event of a personal attack by a potential criminal or undesirable, unwanted advances.

Wireless Home Security: Is it for You? (12 Jan 2008)
Unquestionably, we live in a more dangerous world today. In the past it was common to leave our keys in the car, our doors unlocked, and let the children run through the neighborhood - it was okay, we knew everybody, it was safe. Crime was a distant thing and not something that was up close and personal.

Self Defense: Rape and Sexual Assault (12 Jan 2008)
Once upon a time in a city not too far away lived a young girl. As the girl and her boyfriend began their walk on the planked garden path and stepped out of sight from their friends, the lights went out and the well-lit path fell into shadow...and out of the gloom stepped two large men wearing featureless masks carrying guns...

Self Defense: Take the Offensive Against Date Rape (12 Jan 2008)
Inside the apartment Jason began to show her around - the wallet forgotten. He clearly had something else on his mind. Heather became a little nervous, anxious perhaps. Jason wasn't acting like the Jason she knew. She decided to leave. Jason grabbed her...

While The Cat's Away... What Do The Mice Do? (12 Jan 2008)
This current article deals with how to begin to learn the basics of heightened awareness to surveillance situations we all encounter on a fairly regular basis. We have all been sometimes unsure of what is happening to our home when we are at work or whom is rifling through our desk and filing cabinets at the office. In this article I describe some easy methods that we can all use to begin to protect our assets at home and work and even our cars. This can even be done using the Internet from a remote location in real time.

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