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Let your business be the priority while a former immigration Minister for the government of Canada and a powerful team of Canadian Immigration lawyers takes care of the legalities!

How to be U.S. Citizen (06 Feb 2009)
Have you always wondered how to be a U.S. Citizen, but thought that the process would be too time consuming, or expensive?

How to Become a Naturalized Citizen (06 Feb 2009)
Looking for the easiest way to become a U.S. Citizen? Look no further, keep reading and at the end of this article we will show you where to get the information that you need to become a Naturalized Citizen of the United States, for less money than you would spend on dinner for two at a restaurant.

Become a Citizen of the United States (06 Feb 2009)
Their are many advantages to becoming a U.S. Citizen. If you are a legal resident of the United States, and have considered becoming a U.S. Citizen there is now an easier way to do that.

Is The Family Law System Fair To Fathers? (30 Oct 2008)
The family law system has many foibles. Often the application of the law falls heaviest on fathers. Review this article regarding the family law issues facing fathers.

What to Ask Before Using SEO (19 Oct 2008)
Choosing an SEO can be a painful experience, especially if you know little about search engine optimization yourself. So how do you find an effective, trustworthy SEO? Here are a few questions you might like to ask:

How can you discover the Right e-Books to sell on e-Bay? (10 Oct 2008)
The cheapest e-Books are free; at least that is what people want you to think. The truth is that most free e-Books have been widely distributed, and thus do not help you master your market niche completely enough to make a ton of money.

Types of Common Fraudulent Ttransactions (05 Oct 2008)
NCI Law is an international law firm founded by Ioannis John Neocleous that serves the needs of businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and individual clients around the world.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets To Your Success (05 Oct 2008)
Affiliate marketing is the equivalent of having an army of sales people who will do the advertising and will only get a commission if a customer purchases.

Will Contesting (08 Sep 2008)
Will contests are typically brought on by family members from wealthy families who believe they were cheated out of their share of the inheritance of the assets involved.

Creating a Business Partnership Agreement Contract (07 Sep 2008)
Verbal agreements tend to never work out. Putting the terms of the partnership in writing is the smartest thing you can do to protect your business.

What Can You Do With a Power of Attorney? (06 Sep 2008)
A power of attorney form is a legal form that will allow someone to appoint another person to legally act on his or her behalf. The person who creates the POA (power of attorney) is called the principal and the person appointed to act on the principal's behalf is called the agent.

What Exactly Is a Promissory Note? (25 Aug 2008)
A promissory note is a legal agreement that is a written promise to repay a debt. It will include how and when the debt will be repaid. It can be through a series of payments, upon demand, or another way both parties can agree upon.

Purpose of Prenuptial Agreements (21 Aug 2008)
Prenuptial agreements are forms that act as a practical solution for dealing with the topic of how finances will be handled in a marriage. Although these forms are critical in preventing financial inequality, popping the question of using a prenuptial agreement is often times considered unromantic.

What is a Personal Bankruptcy? (21 Aug 2008)
A personal bankruptcy is a form that when filed will discharge obligations to creditors. Bankruptcy forms can be located online or an attorney can prepare one for you.

Save Your Pocket Book And Your Sanity (12 Jan 2008)
Save Your Pocket Book And Your Sanity

Divorced Dad Tips: Finding A Great Lawyer (12 Jan 2008)
Divorced Dad Tips: Finding A Great Lawyer

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