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What is Giggle Finance?

Giggle Finance is an online finance platform that helps small business owners and many workers that have instant access to capital.

Giggle Finance

History of Giggle Finance

The history of Giggle Finance is very simple. In spite of the fact that the Gig Economy represents almost 50% of the U.S. workforce, it is very bothersomely financially under-served. At Giggle Finance, they are always there to change that. By empowering the future technology, customer service base, and keeping transparency above all of it, Giggle Finance can provide cash into your bank account in a matter of some time. Whether it is to take on more jobs, or to pay for that unexpected expense, or maybe to solve your need for cash flow, Giggle is always there for you.

Giggle was founded with a single, clear, and simple mission, that is, to provide transparent and quick financing to the Gig Economy.

What makes Giggle Finance different from others?

Giggle is truly committed to serving the Gig Economy. Their approach to delivering universal access to financing for the Gig Economy begins with their core values:

Transparency: Transparency and Integrity are the factors that build trust. At Giggle Finance, they strive to make their application and financing contracts very simple and easy to understand without hiding any extra fees. So, it is very important that they treat their policyholders and customers with respect and be honest with them.

Exceptional Customer Service: At Giggle Finance, they listen, understand and they remain extremely compassionate with their customer.

Deeply Caring: The more they care, the more Giggle Finance can provide exceptional customer service.

Innovation: Giggle Finance assures their customers deserve world-class treatment and world-class products to achieve their goals. That’s why they are highly involved in innovation and they try to build a better financial world with their technological and innovation advances.

How Giggle Finance Works

Giggle Finance works in a very simple way.

Applying and receiving cash from Giggle Finance is very easy and simple. There are no fees to apply, and this will also not affect your credit score. So, just click Apply now.

Complete the simple application given there and securely verify your bank account in minutes.

Review and confirm your information. It will not take more than 5 minutes. Yes, you have read it right.

Then, sync with your bank securely, and avoid all the paperwork.

That’s all, you will get instant approval.

Lastly, review your terms in seconds.

Access your funds instantly: Get access to your funds instantly. There are flexible payments methods and no late fees!

Finance Features at Giggle Finance

Simple Application Process

Access To Funds In Minutes!

Funding Up To $5,000

No Credit Requirements

No Hidden Fees

Instant Cash Available Via Debit Card Or Transfer

Flexible Payment Schedule

Fully Secure

Giggle Finance

Giggle Finance FAQ’s

How can somebody qualify for Giggle Finance?

Giggle Finance does not have any credit requirements, instead, they will analyze your bank statements to determine what your business can actually afford. Giggle Finance is eligible for all self-employed professionals and small business owners. They just require at least 3 months in business to qualify.

Is the information provided by the user secure at Giggle FInance?

Giggle Finance was designed specifically to enhance your privacy and security. They operate using 256‐bit encryption. The username and passcodes are never displayed, viewed, or stored. This is the safest, quickest, and most convenient, and easy way for you to submit your information for approval.

How can somebody apply at Giggle Finance?

Giggle has a simple application process that takes even less than 5 minutes. Just what you need to do is to provide them a little information about your business and securely connect your bank account (usernames and passwords are never displayed, viewed, or stored). Then approval is granted instantly, and you have access to your funds in minutes! Apply Now

How to check whether I qualify or not?

Individuals who are only business owners and self-employed qualify for Giggle Finance. Your business must be established for at least 3 months.

What is a Giggle Advance?

A Giggle advance allows a small business owner to access capital by simply selling a portion of their future sales. It is then collected by automated debits until the initial amount and also a service fee is repaid in full. Giggle Finance gives you access to funds in minutes.

What is the maximum amount I can receive?

Giggle Finance provides up to $5,000 for qualified businesses.

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