What is RCM Business and its complete details

What is RCM Business? 

The full form of RCM is Right Concept Marketing, which works to connect people who want to work from home and

provide them a way to do business with each other through the online world. The number of people

working in RCM has started increasing nowadays, people have started taking interest in it. In general,

unemployment remains a curse in today's era.

What is RCM Business

In that, it is the cheapest and easiest way to earn. There is no need to make any kind of investment

in this i.e. you can join this company for free and start your work.

Company Details in brief 

Company Name- RCM (Full form of RCM is Right Concept Marketing)

Type - Direct Selling Company

Founded in - 1988

Place - Rajasthan, India

Products - healthcare, personal care, travels, accessories, stationery, and textile

Website - www.rcmbusiness.com

What is RCM business? RCM company is related to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Which came into existence in

1988. There were many scams in this company in the past. Due to which some companies of RCM

were closed and the process of the company was also reduced, but in 2012 this company came into

existence again.

Now the work of this company is going very well and the best thing is that in this corona period, this

company has become a source of employment and people are getting their products without going

out of the house. And people are satisfied and connecting with each other, due to which the company

is getting a lot of profit.

What is RCM Business?

RCM is a direct selling company whose full form is Right Concept Marketing.

Who found the RCM company?

The name of the owner of RCM is Trilok Chand Chhabra.

How to earn money working with RCM company?

RCM company provides many ways to earn money. As you can earn money by buying the product yourself or you can also earn by selling the products. Or you can earn money by creating your own network.

Do I have to pay any fee for joining the RCM business?

No, you can join the RCM company for free, read the above article for the rest of the information.

Is RCM business an Indian company?

Yes, RCM is an indigenous domestic company from India. Which started in 1988.

Where is RCM's office?

The head office of the RCM business company is in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan.

RCM Business Plan

In this section, we will learn about what is RCM Business in detail? RCM is such a business in which you can do business in three ways –

  • Using the product by itself
  • Buying a product from RCM at a reasonable price and selling that product at MRP
  • Build your own network so that your network will help you sell products

Before becoming an associate of such a company, you have to buy products worth 1000 rupees here,

then you can become a reliable associate of this company and you have to add your people along with

you. Remember, you do not mean by adding people only when the company will benefit when people

associated with RCM will sell their products, they will be connected to each other and it is very

important to take their product.

If the customer takes the products, then only the company will benefit, here the whole company is

dependent on the customer, so the most important thing among the people working in RCM is to pay

attention to the fact that more and more people buy goods because the product will be purchased. So

the company will benefit and your earning will also increase.

How to join RCM?

There are 2 options to join RCM, in the first option you can join RCM sitting at home online, and in the

second option, you have to join offline.

In offline, you can get yourself registered while the other way is through online medium, in which you

can do online registration using your email id. In this, some documents are also uploaded or read like

you have to complete KYC, have to be linked with PAN card, have to be linked with Aadhar card, these

documents are mandatory which completes KYC of a person. play an important role in making

RCM income plan

There are three ways to make income in RCM Business.

  • Performance Bonus
  • Royalty Bonus
  • Technical Bonus

Performance Bonus

Under this, BV is received on the product, BV means the benefit value which a product seller gets in

some condition. For example, 10% on 5000 or 12% on 10000, by doing this, the more profit will be

made to the seller of the product by doing this way, suppose which organization you are associated

with and you have sold some products to a doctor for 5000. And you have got 10% of BV with you, it

happened that you got profit of 600 rupees and it will be transferred to your account.

Royalty Bonus

Under royalty bonus, out of lakhs of income from the product, three to 8% is given as income, in this

also there are some conditions. For example, in one leg, a product of three lakhs has to be sold and in

the other leg a product of 150000 has to be sold, it is given as a percentage, tell you what is the

meaning of the leg, the category is called, in which category how much goods are to be sold. have been


In this way, as the number increases, the possibility of increasing the income becomes more. This is in

the form of a percentage of 8% and to get this income, at least 3.5 lakhs in the main leg and 3.5 lakhs inthe second leg also have to be sold.

Technical Bonus

Under this bonus, the company distributes one to five percent of the total turnover of BV to its director


What is RCM Business

RCM Products

RCM sells almost all 300-400 types of products. Like health care, Household, FMCG, stationery

products (Stationary), personal care like beauty related, electrical products, etc. Many of its products

are also famous. 

Apart from this, there are other products which are famous in the same way.

RCM follows all the norms to make its products.

The products of RCM are of the best quality which you can buy from RCM at cheap prices.

To know the rest of the products, you have to visit their website or RCM's App.

RCM Benefits

It does not require any kind of investment. i.e. zero investment

You can also employ people on the other side of the network below you.

RCM also allows you to sell products online, that is, if you want, you can also sell products online.

The person adding to this first buys the item at a price less than the MRP and then sells them so that

both are beneficial here. You can also provide the item to the customer at a low cost so that he will do

the work of connecting with us.

How many different types of products are there such as household, business-related, and children's

clothing, healthcare products, personal care products, and every product that can be used in everyday

life You get all these things from RCM at a reasonable price.

People who are handicapped or who do not have a job or ladies can also do this with more ease,

people of all types of classes can earn money by working in RCM Business.

Keep in mind that the happiness of the customer is more important here because the work of the

company is done by the customer and the company gets profit, so it is necessary to give priority to the


The aim of this company is to unite the people. That is, the more people are organized, the faster the

speed of production will be and the more it will contribute to selling the product, due to which the

company will also get more profit and the people working for the company will also get profit.

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