Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Complete Review and Details

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Company, which is located in Madison, has been serving its regional market with more than 100 years of experience.  If you are looking to buy Wisconsin Mutual auto insurance, so you would definitely like to compare car insurance or other offerings if you can’t get an online Wisconsin mutual insurance quote. However, you can easily get one through your local insurance agent.

You will get a variety of personal and business insurance policies at Wisconsin Mutual Insurance along with products with some specialty and recently expanded into Minnesota.

So, if you are hoping to find affordable Wisconsin Mutual Insurance for automobiles? Check out the complete article for detailed information.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance History

It was originally named Wisconsin Tornado Mutual Insurance Company. In 1903, Wisconsin Mutual Insurance was founded in the city of Milton, WI. The company then shifted to Madison in 1946 and change its name to the current version that is Wisconsin Mutual Insurance at the same time.

The company has grown itself to provide insurance to more than 100,000 homes and 50,000 cars in the state of Wisconsin. Not only this, but they also offer farm, business, and umbrella insurance.

Products of Wisconsin Mutual Insurance are sold by a network of more than 1,000 agents across the state. In 2017, Wisconsin Mutual Insurance made its first move outside the borders of its home state as it expands its offer coverage in neighboring Minnesota.

Types of insurance products offered at Wisconsin Mutual Insurance

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance includes both personal and business insurance which includes a wide variety of insurances such as home insurance, auto insurance, farm, and other business package policies.

Auto Insurance

Auto coverage is offered at different levels. The standard program of Wisconsin Mutual Insurance is for drivers of average or above-average risk, while the premier program of Wisconsin Mutual Insurance is for those who are considered to be a risk above-average and also requires a clean driving record.

Not only this, but Wisconsin Mutual Insurance also provides an Educator program for teachers, professors, and school administrators who are holding a valid teaching certificate. The last program option is the Farm program which is designed to fulfill the needs of farmers and their families.

The Wisconsin Mutual Insurance company’s auto policies include all of the basics — liability, comprehensive, and collision and some add-ons which include rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, custom sound equipment coverage, trailers, and loan/lease gap coverage.


Some of the ordinary car insurance discounts offered by the Wisconsin Mutual Insurance company include multi-policy, good student, and safe driver. But one thing to remember is that there are some discounts which are offered only in Minnesota.

Check out the table given below of the auto discounts offered by Wisconsin Mutual Insurance.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Discounts and Availability


Available to all Insureds

Available to insureds in Minnesota Only



Youthful Safe Driver

Good Student

Student away at school

Antique/exhibition car

Paid in the full 12-month term

Accident Prevention Course

PIP out of work loss benefits 10-15%

Antitheft protection device credit

Ref - Click Here

Wisconsin Mutual also allows you to use these discounts collectively so you can really rack up the savings.

Home Insurance

This Wisconsin Mutual Insurance provider also provides a wide variety of home insurance policies which also include standard homeowners, seasonal, and country homes.

The Standard program can be easily availed to traditional single-family homes, condos, and other mobile homes that are classified as average to above-average and those who are not qualified for higher-level insurance programs.

Premier is the program based on homes that are made after 1980 or newer homes that have a higher value and meet specific update standards.

Finally, Premier Plus is the highest-level program, which is aimed at newer and higher value homes and with more stringent requirements.

Country Home policies are for basically hobby farms or country ranch-type homes that are majorly found in rural settings and include some incidental farming or ranching operations which also include farm liability and equipment coverage.

Seasonal home insurance is available for vacation homes that are not occupied during some parts of the year. This program covers three-season homes and just requires a primary residence insured with the Wisconsin Mutual Insurance company.

Lastly, dwelling policies are available for 1-4 unit non-owner-occupied residences. This product is targeted at the needs of landlords.

Farm Insurance

A farm insurance policy that covers the home and personal property, with farming operations and equipment as well, is offered. This policy is different from a country home policy as it is intended for true farming operations.

Several other types of small to medium operations can be covered by this program, which includes beef, hogs, dairy, horse, and grain.

Business Insurance

Both the policies for the Businessowners and Artisan are provided which includes basic coverage needs such as liability, and also the business property coverage. The site offers very little information on these policies.

Umbrella Insurance

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance covers umbrella insurance policies for all three of its types of business, i.e., Personal, Commercial, and Farm umbrellas can be easily purchased to provide extended liability protection above and beyond the underlying policies.

Rates of Wisconsin Mutual Insurance

AT Wisconsin Mutual Insurance, online quoting is not offered, which is common for this type of insurance company. You can easily get quotes through a local agent; the Wisconsin Mutual Insurance website also provides an agent locator by zip code search.

In general, Wisconsin Mutual Insurance companies do not have the least expensive rates, and which is usually to make up for this with a greater focus on their customer service.

We would not expect them to compete with the big-name companies on rates, particularly direct-buy companies like Geico, but rates are only a part of the total value offered by a policy.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Claims processing

Claims can be reported in any one of the three ways. You will find an online claim reporting form, the main phone number which is basically toll-free, and also the option to report the claim through your agent. After business hours, Wisconsin Mutual Insurance also gives a separate phone number for emergency claims.

The phone number of Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Company is 800-831-5959.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance customer service, policyholder access, and agent login are all available on the official website of the company. Click Here to visit.

The company also has a direct repair program that uses some preferred repair shops that work directly with the insurance company on claims. The insured can visit any of the shops of their choice, but they must provide two different quotes if they are not using a direct repair shop.

There are also some preferred vendors which are listed for rental cars as well as for the towing services. The auto glass repair program utilizes a list of vendors that work directly with the insurance company just to handle quick glass replacement or repair.

Reviews and Ratings

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance got an A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), with around one-or-two complaints on file in the last three years and the most amazing thing is that there have not been any complaints registered in the past 12 months.

Google reviews rate Wisconsin Mutual Insurance with 2.9 stars out of 5 considering 22 reviews. The Wisconsin Mutual Insurance company did not respond to most of the reviews, either positive or negative.


Wisconsin Mutual Insurance can be a perfect choice especially if you prefer a smaller, local insurance company and would also like to work with an agent to handle all your insurance needs.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance definitely has good auto and home programs policies, but without information on the rate, it is a little bit difficult to determine the value offered by them. There are no negative spots in terms of reputation and not only this they do appear to have an overall positive reputation.

You can Enter your ZIP now to get your quotes sent to you so that you can compare them with your Wisconsin Mutual Insurance quotes.

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